Since 1963 the Oklahoma Appaloosa Racing Association (OAR) has been a
chartered racing organization for the benefit of the Oklahoma Appaloosa
racehorse and its members. This group consists of competitive racing people who enjoy racing and who love their appaloosa horses.

This OAR has hosted the some of the largest purses offered in Appaloosa racing history. Since the beginning, many Hall of Fame inductees (horses and people) have been associated with Oklahoma Appaloosa Racing Association. If you have a two year old runner, there is plenty to run at especially in Oklahoma. Three pari-mutuel race tracks here will offer races for Appaloosa horses daily during their racing meets. Added money for Oklahoma futurities is holding steady as are the overnight purses.

In addition, Oklahoma tracks offer mixed futurities and derbies available to Appaloosas and Paints like the Speedhorse Sprint races,
the Spots N Dots Handicap, and the Oklahoma Horsemen’s races to name a few. These are spread out through the year ending with the Don Drake Memorial which takes place at the end of the season at Will Rogers Downs in Claremore, OK. There, you can watch the top five appaloosas and paints chase for a championship in a showdown in a “battle of the breeds”.

The OAR conducts organized meetings several times per year. Information is shared pertaining to the racing industry within the State of Oklahoma, and outside our area as well. Appaloosa racing issues are reviewed and discussed while necessary adjustments are decided upon by a majority of members. Financial details, the annual stallion auction, races, venues, promotional activities and various racing topics are typically addressed at an OAR meeting.

We cannot wait for you to join the OAR!